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Evan Berkowitz

is a postdoc in lattice QCD at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, moving shortly to Forschungszentrum Jülich, and works on 0νββ and few-baryon physics from the lattice.

Zohreh Davoudi

Zohreh is a post-doctorate research associate at the MIT's Center for Theoretical Physics. She studies hadronic systems using the method of lattice QCD, with particular interest in making the connection between few-body observables (including scattering and transition amplitudes) in nature and those arising from lattice QCD (energy spectra and matrix elements in a finite volume). Zohreh is a member of the NPLQCD collaboration.

Florian Hebenstreit

is an Alexander-von-Humboldt research fellow at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Heidelberg University, working on fermion production in gauge theories (

Kasia Krajewska

is at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Warsaw, Poland, working on strong-field QED processes.

Dian Peng

is at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a graduate student of Professor Starace's group.

Liang-You Peng

is from the School of Physics, Peking University, Beijing, China. His research interest focuses on dynamics of few-electron atomic and molecular systems, triggered and/or probed by attosecond and/or femtosecond pulses. Research Group Website:

Joerg Pretz

RWTH Aachen Universty & Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany, working on experiments to measure electric dipole moments in storage rings

Martin Savage

Senior Fellow in the Institute for Nuclear Theory, Seattle, Washington. His interests lie in using Lattice QCD to determine nuclear forces, nuclei and their interactions. He is a member of the NPLQCD collaboration.

Ragnar Stroberg

is a postdoc in the theory group at TRIUMF in Vancouver, BC. His interests are in ab initio many-body theory for nuclei. Web page: