Here, we shall post materials related to scientific talks and discussions.

Tutorial on nuclear EFT, Evgeny Epelbaum,

Status of Lattice QCD for Nuclear Physics, Martin Savage,

The link to the tutorial on "LQCD for few-body observables" by Zohreh Davoudi:

Aspects of the Impact of a Finite Volume on Nuclear Forces
Martin Luscher explains, from general quantum field theory arguments, why the volume corrections to the short range interactions
between particles in a finite volume are exponentially suppressed,
in Two-Particle States on a Torus and their Relation to the Scattering Matrix,
by Martin Luscher, Nuclear Physics B354 (1991) 531-57

The finite-volume modifications to the nuclear forces are exponentially suppressed with volume, and are estimated in a paper by Bedaque and Sato

Renormalising nuclear forces
Mike Birse's slides from the discussion session
Review article: The renormalisation group and nuclear forces
Evgeny Epelbaum's slides from the discussion session
Peter Lepage's lecture notes on How to renormalize the Schroedinger equation
The difference between "peratization" and renormalization in the EFT sense is explained in this paper
An explicitly renormalizable approach to nuclear EFT with non-perturbative pions is formulated here

Here's a talk last year by Silas on BB interactions from LQCD. The second part discusses the Hamiltonian method (from PRL way back in 2012:
NPLQCD, PRL 109, (2012) 172001) and offers a comparison with Luscher method in the 3S1 NSigma channel (which is strikingly repulsive and
therefore could in principle violate the Luscher condition R<L/2). The phase shift plot on page 52 shows the comparison of the two methods on the
24^3 and 32^3 lattices.

Here is the pdf file of the talk by Andreas Wirzba from Sep-15-2016 with all the URL features working (i.e. with non-linear "Prezi-like" features):

The presented results for specific EDM matrix elements of the deuteron, helion and triton can be found here
and further details can be found here.